“We know a guaranteed method of turning your swimming pool water from green to clean in 24 hours. At 2.75 per pound (delivered) we are the least expensive Alum on the web”

You found our website because you were looking for an answer to the question: How do I clear the green algae / cloudiness out of my swimming pool water?

The answer is Aluminum Sulfate Powder

Aluminum Sulfate is a product better known as Alum.  Alum is a white powdery flocculent that when circulated in your swimming pool water, quickly clumps all the fine particles in your cloudy water, including green algae, into particles large enough that the green algae sinks down to the bottom of your swimming pool, clarifying your pool water.  Then you simply vacuum the bottom of your swimming pool and all the green algae in it to waste.

You may have noticed that we stated we know a “guaranteed” way of clearing your swimming pool water of cloudy water and green algae virtually over night.  We say this because every time we have used Alum to clarify our swimming pool water it has worked perfectly and consistently.  No other flocculent we have tried has come close to matching the performance or consistency of Alum at clarifying our swimming pool water and clearing the green algae out of our swimming pool.

Obliviously we believe in this product as a flocculent and a clarifier.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Alum has been used as a flocculent to clarify waste water in waste water treatment plants longer than we’ve been around, so there is plenty of information on the Web for you to research.  Swimming pool supply retailers sell Alum as a flocculent or as a clarifier. You can even find it at Wal-Mart. But we are so impressed with how easy it is to use Alum as a flocculent and how it works so effectively and consistently time after time to clarify our swimming pool water of green algae, that we believe that we can make some money selling Alum as a flocculent on the web.

Our Sales Plan

When you look for Alum or Aluminum Sulfate to purchase on the Web you are going to find it to be very expensive in small quantities such as 10 pounds or so and very cheap in quantities of several tons.  No one wants to “over pay” for a few pounds at a time and it is insane to buy a ton at a time.

Our plan is to buy several tons at a time to get the low price and then re-distribute it out in smaller quantities through web sales.  Our intention is to sell it to you for 2.75 per lb. (delivered to your door).  This is cheaper than you can find it anywhere else.  We are not after quick profits.  What we want is repeat business.

To do this we are keeping our costs to a minimum by using the U.S Postal Service to deliver the Alum flocculent.   We know that you do not want to wait two weeks for delivery of your order of Alum flocculent. Not while the green algae in your pool is getting greener by the day.  We will package the Alum flocculent in a heavy duty, 2 mil thick, plastic bag that will be in a U.S Postal, Flat Rate Express Box, “Priority 2 Day Delivery”.  We will absorb the shipping costs to further save you money.  We will also provide you with a tracking number the day your order is sent; this will allow you to track your Alum flocculent delivery.  To further control costs we will be working out of our garage.

Standardizing our packaging to 15 pounds of Alum flocculent per box, we can prepackage the Alum flocculent. When you place your order we will be ready to ship next day.

Because we will be using the USPS 3 day Priority shipping we will only be selling our product within the United States.

Each time you use the Alum flocculent to clarify your swimming pool of green algae or cloudy water you will have to vacuum the green algae on the bottom of your swimming pool to waste. So you would only want to use Alum flocculent when your normal cleaning routine is overwhelmed either by Green Algae or cloudy water that won’t filter out.

This is how we discovered how effective Alum is as a flocculent.  Our swimming pool had very fine particles floating in the water making the swimming pool water very cloudy.  The cloudy water had a light green algae haze to it that we knew was green algae. We couldn’t clear the cloudy water by filtering.  We tried shocking heavily, we used entire bottles of liquid water clarifier and we filtered our cloudy swimming pool water around the clock for days on end, with no results.

Nothing cleared the cloudy swimming pool water.  We had heard of Alum being used as a flocculent and in total frustration we bought 10 pounds of Alum at Leslie’s Pool Supply.  We added the Alum flocculent to our swimming pool’s cloudy water in the late afternoon.  We ran the filter for 2 hours and then turned it off as per the directions, our swimming pool water turned a milky white.

The next mourning our swimming pool water was cleaner than we had ever seen it.  We were immediately convinced that nothing worked better than Aluminum Sulfate at clarifying cloudy swimming pool water.  We have used it many more times since then to clarify the green algae out of our swimming pool water or to clarify cloudy pool water and it has worked perfectly every time.

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    So What’s the Catch?

“Guaranteed” “Works Perfectly Every time” there must be a catch.

Not really, the thing is that once you add the Aluminum Sulfate flocculent to your swimming pool water and it sinks the green algae to the bottom of your swimming pool you have to vacuum the green algae on the bottom of your swimming pool out to waste.

If you use cartridge filters to filter your swimming pool water you do not want to use Alum as a flocculent in your swimming pool.  This product is not for you.

The Alum will clog your cartridge filter immediately, and once it clogs your cartridge filter you have to clean the filter to remove the Alum, many times, to get it all out of your swimming pool.  This can be a nightmare.  We do not want to sell you on a quick way to clarify the green algae in your swimming pool only to saddle you with a worst problem afterwards.

How to Clean a Green Pool in 24 Hours 

The first step is to use a pH increaser to bring the pH of your swimming pool water up to 8.0.  This allows the Alum flocculent to work at it’s highest efficiency.  Shut your filter off. Using one pound, approximately 1 1/2 cups, per 1000 gallons of pool water, spread the alum flocculent evenly around your swimming pool.  If any of the Alum flocculent is spilled into the swimming pool and settles to the bottom of the swimming pool use a pool brush to spread the alum flocculent around helping the Alum flocculent to dissolve.  Once you have distributed the Alum flocculent place the valve setting on your filter to re-circulate and run your filter for 2 hours.  Your pool water should turn a light milky white color.  This tells you that you have used enough Alum flocculent to get the job done. If necessary add more Alum flocculent to your swimming pools water until the swimming pool water turns a light milky white.  Turn your filter off and let the Alum flocculent settle to the bottom of your pool overnight.  It’s that easy.

You have to vacuum to waste to remove the Alum flocculent from the bottom of your pool.  Be careful not to stir up the Alum flocculent when you vacuum it.  Vacuum slowly, pushing the vacuum too quickly will stir up the Alum flocculent back into the water and you will have to let it settle to the pool bottom again to re-vacuum it. Alum flocculent will lower the pH in your swimming pools water. Once you’ve finished vacuuming your swimming pool we suggest you re-test the pH of your pool water and adjust it to where you like it.

We have seen several YouTube videos that do a good job of showing you how to vacuum the Alum flocculent out of your swimming pool.  If you do not have a DE Filter or Sand Filter you should really consider switching over to one.  A DE Filter is far more efficient at removing the smaller particles floating in your pool water than a Cartridge Filter or Sand Filter.

The Bottom line

If your swimming pool water is over whelmed by green algae, or if the swimming pool water is cloudy and fine enough that it seems to go right through your filter and back into your swimming pool, Aluminum Sulfate will clear your swimming pool water within 24 hours, Guaranteed.

If we have convinced you that Aluminum Sulfate used as a flocculent is the best thing since sliced bread to clarify your pool water of anything that’s floating in it then click on the link below to place an order through:

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Our aluminum Sulfate product is Technical Grade 99% Pure and “Not Food Grade”. You should not use our product with food.